A Sueet 10 Years of Panifico Bake Shop

Sueet Stories

As we say goodbye to 2014, after all the fireworks have been lit, the champagne has been drunk, and the tamales have been eaten, we finally go to bed and welcome 2015, even though, technically by that time, 2015 will have already been here. During this time we reminisce of all the good and not-so-good that 2014 brought us, always remarking how fast this year seems to have flown by. But for us here at the shop, this is an even more significant time. For us, the coming of January 1, 2015 will make us reminisce on the last 10 years, as this marks the 10 year anniversary that Panifico Bake Shop opened its doors.

A little over 10 years ago, my mom told me that the bakery she was working for-the only job she had ever known here in the States-would be closing down. Coincidentally, at that time I was also in culinary school, as I finally had taken the leap to pursue my dream. It all seems like a blur now as I can’t seem to remember the details. What would happen to my parents’ livelihood? Where would my mom find another job? Don’t I love baking? Didn’t I want to shift gears and just do what I love? What if WE purchase the business?? It all seemed to happen so fast, our imagination and our dreams running 200 steps ahead of our rationale and common sense, and before we knew it, we were on the road to becoming owners of a Bakery Business.

The Bakery Business!? What do WE know about the Bakery Business?!? HOW are going to run The Bakery Business?!?! We had NEVER run a Bakery Business!! We were trying so hard to learn so fast everything we possibly could because come January 1st, 2005, that baby was our headache to run. We were devouring articles, buying books, and listening to everyone’s advice. I remember my husband ordered a book at Borders called aptly enough, ‘Bakery Business,’ which we thought would answer our questions. Needless to say, ‘Bakery Business’ didn’t exactly answer our questions…it was a children’s book!

The night of January 1st was a sleepless night filled with anxiety and dread. January 2nd would be our official opening day. The first official day of The Bakery Business for two people who had very little experience with personnel, with management, with marketing, with purchasing, or sales. Oh, and did I mention the only baking experience we had was me baking cakes at home!?!? I don’t remember much of that first day, other than lots of chaos and stress.

And yet, here we are. These last ten years have been a tumultuous ride of peaks and valleys, of stumbles that have turned into valuable learning experiences. We have given our all-emotionally, spiritually, financially- just to see this through, and we have sacrificed greatly for it. There were days when I threw my arms up in frustration, my eyes full of tears, wondering if The Bakery Business was a mistake. However, now there are more days of elation, of satisfaction, and of utter pride of what we have accomplished.

In these next ten years, we hope to continue to be a small, but integral part of this West-Side San Antonio community. And we hope that you continue to support us and help us grow. You are the reason we want to continue to exceed your expectations. We don’t just want to be a neighborhood ‘panaderia,’ we want to be the place where you relive your fondest childhood memories and also create new memories. I know in these last 10 years, we have created some pretty fantastic memories of our own, and in these coming 10 years, we hope to continue Making History Sueet.