Sueet Support for the San Antonio Spurs!!

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Spurs Fan - Doughnuts

Last year, during the NBA Finals with the Spurs, a customer walked in the door asking if we could make a special order: he had made a spur-shaped cutter and asked if we could make an order of doughnuts with it. Of course we try to please our customers in any way we can, and we certainly get excited when a customer comes in with a unique challenge!

Of course, we all remember how those NBA Finals ended for the Spurs; we didn’t even have time to appreciate what we had created. The cutter was long forgotten for the rest of the year, even going into this basketball season. But one client didn’t forget, and we were again approached with the same request. This time though, we had more time to demonstrate our support, and share that sweet support with our customers.

As I write this, this magical season for the Spurs has culminated in a championship trophy. The Spurs are the NBA Champs for 2014! And so, it is time to put away the Spur doughnut cutter until next season. This simple little cutter has allowed us to introduce ourselves to lots of new faces, some from just around the block, to those who live as far away as New Braunfels, and even Fort Worth. For us, the ability to share in the unwavering loyalty and fierce support of the hometown team has been a great sense of pride and excitement. We are proud to call San Antonio home, and we are extremely proud to say, GO SPURS GO!!!