Traditional Mexican Bakery

Pan dulce. Pastries. Cakes made to order. They are a marvel of simplicity and creative ingenuity. All of our pan dulce recipes are based on traditional Mexican baking techniques.
That same craftsmanship and attention to quality goes into all our baked goods-beautiful to behold, but even better to eat!

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A Sueet 10 Years of Panifico Bake Shop

Sueet Stories

As we say goodbye to 2014, after all the fireworks have been lit, the champagne has been drunk, and the tamales have been eaten, we finally go to bed and welcome 2015, even though, technically by that time, 2015 will have already been here. During this time we reminisce of all the good and not-so-good […]

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Dia de los Muertos

Sueet Stories

Growing up, I had little idea of the importance of Dia de los Muertos. I remember going with my family members to the cemeteries in Mexico spending what seemed long, countless hours just sitting around a loved one’s grace. While the elders talked and shared stories, we walked around and played games just so we […]

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Spurs Fan - Doughnuts

Sueet Support for the San Antonio Spurs!!

Sueet Stories

Last year, during the NBA Finals with the Spurs, a customer walked in the door asking if we could make a special order: he had made a spur-shaped cutter and asked if we could make an order of doughnuts with it. Of course we try to please our customers in any way we can, and […]

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